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Chapter 1 Chairman's establishing comments (page 1): A. Albert
Chapter 2 Ring?Opening Reactions of Pteridines (pages 2–34): E. C. Taylor
Chapter three The Alkylation of Pteridines (pages 35–48): H. C. S. Wood
Chapter four The aid and Reoxidation of a few 8?Substituted Pteridines (pages 49–61): Gertrude B. Elion
Chapter five The Monosubstituted Pteridines (pages 62–73): D. J. Brown
Chapter 6 a few elements of the Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of the Pteridines (pages 74–92): S. F. Mason
Chapter 7 using o?Aminonitroso Compounds within the Synthesis of Pteridines and a few Analogous Ring structures (pages 93–103): G. M. Timmis, D. G. I. Felton and T. S. Osdene
Chapter eight fresh advancements in Pteridine Synthesis (pages 104–123): John A. Carbon, Robert B. Garland, Dale R. Hoff, Charles F. Howell, William R. Sherman and E. C. Taylor
Chapter nine Chromatographic and Electrophoretic reviews of Pteridines (pages 124–134): M. Polonovski, H. Jerome and P. Gonnard
Chapter 10 The structure of Urothione (pages 135–142): R. Tschesche
Chapter eleven The Pteridines of Drosophila Melanogaster (pages 143–158): Hugh S. Forrest and Herschel ok. Mitchell
Chapter 12 The structure of Fluorescyanine (pages 159–164): F. Korte
Chapter thirteen New Observations on Fluorescyanine B (pages 165–172): M. Polonovski, R.?G. Busnel, H. Jerome and M. Martinet
Chapter 14 Sulphonamide Derivatives of Pteridines (pages 173–182): Marvin J. Fahrenbach, Kenneth Collins, Martin E. Hultquist, James M. Smith and Donna B. Cosulich
Chapter 15 a few Dipyrimidopyrazines (Pyrimidopteridines) (pages 183–192): Elvira A. Falco and George H. Hitchings
Chapter sixteen Structural reviews on Pyrimidopteridines. The constitution of “Bis?Alloxazine” and “Diuracilpyridazine” (pages 193–203): E. C. Taylor, Cornelius ok. Cain and Harvey M. Loux
Chapter 17 a few Unresolved difficulties (pages 204–219): Adrien Albert
Chapter 18 Metabolic kin among P?Aminobenzoic Acid and Folic Acid in Micro?Organisms (pages 220–236): D. D. Woods
Chapter 19 The functionality of Folic Acid within the Biosynthesis of Purine and Pyrimidine Derivatives (pages 237–252): R. H. Nimmo?Smith
Chapter 20 the results of Folic Acid Analogues at the development and telephone department of Micro?Organisms (pages 253–271): M. Webb
Chapter 21 Antimetabolic and Antimicrobial homes of yes 2:4?Diaminopteridines (pages 272–289): H. O. J. Collier
Chapter 22 Derivatives of Condensed Pyrimidine platforms as Antimetabolites (pages 290–303): George H. Hitchings, Gertrude B. Elion and Samuel Singer
Chapter 23 The organic task of Folic Acid and sure Substituted Pteridines for Tetrahymena (pages 304–313): George W. Kidder
Chapter 24 The Yellow Pigment of the Argentaffine Cells of the Mammalian Gastro?Intestinal Tract (pages 314–328): W. Jacobson
Chapter 25 The Mode of motion of Folic Acid Antagonists and the functionality of the Leuconostoc Citrovorum issue (pages 329–355): W. Jacobson
Chapter 26 the consequences of Folic Acid Antagonists on Embryonic improvement (pages 356–365): Ruth Bellairs
Chapter 27 reports on Pteridine Metabolism (pages 366–384): Dorris J. Hutchison and Joseph H. Burchenal
Chapter 28 a few facets of Disordered Folic Acid Metabolism in guy (pages 385–406): Ronald H. Girdwood
Chapter 29 incidence of Hepatic Fibrosis in kids with Acute Leuk?mia taken care of with Folic Acid Antagonists (pages 407–413): Jacob Colsky
Chapter 30 Chairman's remaining comments (pages 414–416): W. Jacobson

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