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By Albin F. Turbak (Eds.)

content material: v. 1. Desalination --
v. 2. Hyper- and ultrafiltration makes use of. v. 1. The Loeb-Sourirajan membrane : the way it happened / Sidney Loeb --
opposite osmosis : a brand new box of utilized chemistry and chemical engineering / S. Sourirajan --
program of man-made membranes in water offer structures in Israel / P. Glueckstern, Y. Kantor, and M. Wilf --
toughness research of cellulose acetate reverse-osmosis membrane below antagonistic conditions for desalting : laboratory research and its box program effects / Hirotoshi Motomura and Yoshio Taniguchi --
Membranes for salinity gradient power creation / K.L. Lee, R.W. Baker, and H.K. Lonsdale --
Seawater opposite osmosis : the genuine event / R. Bakish --
an electric learn of ion delivery in cellulose acetate / M.A. Chaudry and P. Meares --
Prediction process for the lifetime of reverse-osmosis membranes / H. Ohya, Y. Negishi, ok. Kamoto, ok. Matsui, and H. Inoue --
version and initial experiments on membrane fouling in opposite osmosis / R.F. Probstein, K.K. Chan, R. Cohen, and that i. Rubenstein --
Intrinsic membrane compaction and aqueous solute reports of hyperfiltration (reverse-osmosis) membranes utilizing interferometry / David Mahlab, Nissim Ben Yosef, and Georges Belfort --
strain drop throughout polarization layers in ultrafiltration / Michael Wales --
The impact of halogens at the functionality and sturdiness of reverse-osmosis membranes / Julius Glater, Joseph W. Mccutchan, Scott B. Mccray, and Michael R. Zachariah --
High-flux cellulose acetate membranes / K.W. Böddeker, H. Finken, and A. Wenzlaff --
hugely anisotropic cellulose mixed-ester membranes for microfiltration / R. Kesting, A. Murray, okay. Jackson, and J. Newman --
Permeability homes of cellulose triacetate hollow-fiber membranes for one-pass seawater desalination / Kaoru Furukawa, Masaaki Sekino, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Kazuto Hamada, Tetsuo Ukai, and Hirohito Matsui --
The influence of phosphoric acid as a casting dope factor on reverse-osmosis membrane homes / B. Kunst and Z. Vajnaht --
Electron microscopy of cellulose acetate reverse-osmotic membranes via the enhanced replication technique / Masaku Katoh and Sho Suzuki --
Asymptotic solute rejection in opposite osmosis / Sun-Tak Hwang and Wolfgang Pusch --
Ultrastructure of uneven and composite membranes / Israel Cabasso --
Reverse-osmosis learn in India : scope and possibilities / D.J. Mehta and A.V. Rao --
Thin-film composite reverse-osmosis membranes : foundation, improvement, and up to date advances / John E. Cadotte and Robert J. Petersen --
Poly(aryl ether) membranes for opposite osmosis / D.R. Lloyd, L.E. Gerlowski, C.D. Sunderland, J.P. Wightman, J.E. McGrath, M. Igbal, and Y. Kang --
shipping of ions and water in sulfonated polysulfone membranes / N. Vinnikova and G.B. Tanny --
Hollow-fiber reverse-osmosis composite membranes: method and homes / R.B. Davis, D.K. Schiffer, and C.E. Kramer --
Poly(vinyl alcohol) membranes for opposite osmosis / Moshe G. Katz and Theodore Wydeven, Jr. --
profitable operation of a permasep permeator reverse-osmosis procedure on biologically energetic feed water / H.W. Pohland and G.E. Bettinger --
The influence of fluid administration on membrane filtration / M.C. Porter. v. 2. improvement of a tomato juice focus procedure by way of opposite osmosis / ok. Ishii, S. Konomi, okay. Kojima, M. Kai, N. Ukai, and N. Uno --
Membrane approaches in needs to and wine therapy / E. Drioli, G. Orlando, S. D'Ambra, and A. Amati --
business program of ultrafiltration and hyperfiltration within the foodstuff and dairy industries / Ole Jentoft Olsen --
Fouling in whey opposite osmosis / B.R. Smith --
improvement of a cellulose acetate membrane and a module for hemofiltration / M. Kai, ok. Ishii, Z. Honda, H. Tsugaya, M. Maekawa, T. Kishimoto, and S. Yamagami --
strain keep an eye on of the ultrafiltration price in the course of hemodialysis with high-flux dialyzers and the time dependence of membrane shipping parameters / Allen Zelman, David Gisser, Gary Strait, Victor Bastidas, Robert Stephen, Carl Kablitz, Jeffrey Harrow, Barry Deeter, and W.J. Kolff --
Ultrafiltration premiums and rejection of solutes by way of cellulosic hole fibers / E. Klein, F.F. Holland, ok. Eberle, and R.P. Wendt --
Dialysis processing of cryopreserved crimson blood cells / Allen Zelman, David Gisser, Dexter Smith, and Robert Stephen --
influence of gel layer on rejection and fractionation of different-molecular-weight solutes by way of ultrafiltration / Shin-Ichi Nakao and Shoji Kimura --
program of extremely- and hyperfiltration in the course of construction of enzymatically changed proteins / H. Sejr Olsen and J. Adler-Nissen --
Separation of biopolymer from fermentation broths / W.L. Griffith, A.L. Compere, C.G. Westmoreland, and J.S. Johnson, Jr. --
Externally wound tubular membrane parts in modular assemblies : construction and alertness / S. Manjikian and C.K. Wojcik --
Membrane improvement, creation, and use in hyperfiltration platforms / W. Kofod Nielsen --
Multiyear event with oily and natural chemical waste remedy utilizing opposite osmosis / D. Dean Spatz --
a singular membrane method for the ultrafiltration of oil emulsions / G.B. Tanny and A. Korin --
Engineering points of the continual membrane column / John M. Thorman and Sun-Tak Hwang --
Chemically resistant uneven membranes made up of PVA for the separation of natural solvents and phenols from aqueous strategies / S. Peter and R. Stefan --
Solute preferential sorption in opposite osmosis / J.M. Dickson and Douglas R. Lloyd --
Estimation of interfacial forces governing the reverse-osmosis process : nonionized polar natural solute-water-cellulose acetate membrane / Takeshi Matsuura, Yutaka Taketani, and S. Sourirajan --
Reverse-osmosis separations of alkali steel halides in methanol ideas utilizing cellulose acetate membranes / Brian A. Farnand, F.D.F. Talbot, Takeshi Matsuura, and S. Sourirajan --
Ultrafiltration and hyperfiltration within the pulp and paper for spinoff restoration and effort discount rates / according to H. Claussen --
Pressure-independent ultrafiltration : is it gel restricted or osmotic strain restricted? / Daniel R. Trettin and Mahendra R. Doshi --
Polymer solute rejection by means of ultrafiltration membranes / Leos Zeman and Michael Wales --
contemporary functions of dynamic membranes / Craig A. Brandon, J. Leo Gaddis, and H. Garth Spencer.

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